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A Higher Ground Chair on a deck in front of a tea table
Higher ground chair for active sitting on a deck in front of a table with foliage in the background
move. stay active. cross legs. squat. mix it up. kneel. meditate. breathe. focus. stretch. be moved. be mobile. lean forward. do yoga. live forever.* be strong. love life. do more.
A woman sitting cross-legged at a desk with a young girl looking over her shoulder
Two men with their legs crossed sitting side-by-side at a desk with computers
Two women sitting cross-legged on a deck drinking Japanese tea
A Higher Ground Chair for active sitting scene from behind while a man adjusts the tilt angle

Change your chair. Change your life.

Customer Reviews

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k.b. (Mexico City, Mexico)
Perfect for Athletes

I hit the gym daily but also have a desk job and spend a lot of time sitting. Transitioning between intense activity and sedentary sitting wreaks havoc on my back and legs. I’ve tried standing desks but they’re just not for me. This chair is a perfect compromise. I’m able to actively sit and be “warm” and ready to go when I get to the gym then use the chair to stretch and recover when I return to work. 5 stars, highly recommend.

L.F. (North Carolina, United States)
I was skeptical at first…

I didn’t think I could sit without a back rest for long periods of time. But I decided to take a chance and I love it! I move through lots of different positions throughout the day while I paint and draw in my studio and my feet never go numb because they don’t reach the floor like they did on my old chair. Honestly, I don’t think I can do art in a regular chair anymore.

Chris (North Carolina, United States)
Great Reminder That You're a Flesh Temple

I have two chairs in my office, one is a fancy Herman Miller thing that positions me in an imperfectly supine position. I dig it, but my hips don't. After a half-century, my body hates being seated for long periods. With the HGF chair, I am reminded to move my position regularly. It helps me stay mobile and active during my day. My hips feel better, and I am less prone to long periods of inactivity. I also love that the chair is easy to knock down to a flat-pack because it takes up little space when disassembled.

Christopher S. (Maine, United States)
Comfort Meets Function

The Higher Ground chair has been a game-changer for my work-from-home setup. Spending over 20 hours weekly at my computer, I needed a chair that offers both comfort and support. This chair helps me maintain an upright posture, reducing fatigue and improving focus. An added bonus: my cat loves it too! It's a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a quality seating solution.

Rachel W. (Tennessee, United States)
Two thumbs way up!

Having two significant curves in my spine, I’m no stranger to tightness and pain in my back and hips. As much as I’d love to exclusively use my standing desk, some days that just doesn’t work. My old “fancy” office chair made my hips so tight after long days of sitting that I’d be practically immobile by the end of the day. Since getting my new chair I have no pain and a stronger core. Get it!!!